And the Winner Is…

I think that the only poetry I’ve written in the last 20 years has been rhymes for my children’s Easter egg hunts; think the riddler meets Dr Zeuss and you’ll image the kind of thing. Before that I wrote songs as having learnt guitar aged 7 I fancied myself as a singer songwriter and would perform my self penned tunes to anyone who would listen. When my quest for pop stardom never materialised (or rather I took up violin aged 10 and couldn’t sing and play at the same time) I gave up writing in rhyme until my kids arrived.

When we were asked to submit a poem for a competition at the writing group I attend I panicked a little. Not only because I’d need to write one but also read it out to the group, I felt quite embarrassed. However, one of the themes we’d been given was shopping and the first thing that came to my mind was Birmingham Rag Market. I Love the Rag Market, the people, the stalls, the hustle and bustle, the noise, smells, it’s just so alive.

My completed poem, Talking Shop came quite easily and was jam packed with descriptive text, I could’ve gone on and on. When I read it out at the group, to my surprise they asked for it again, they really seemed to enjoy it. The feedback I received from that day gave me a huge boost of confidence and so I submitted my poem to the competition, fingers crossed.

A few weeks later the results were received and when they were read out, Talking Shop had won first place! My very first poetry win aged 48, I was so proud. You can find this poem in the menu under the poetry heading, I’d be grateful of any feedback.


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