New Girl

I wrote a lot as a child and had ambitions of becoming a journalist. Our local newspaper received many handwritten letters, articles and stories from my younger self but unfortunately my career path went another way. Until recently I wrote little and seldom, former dreams of getting published barely entered my head and were hardly ever mentioned.

After my children left home I found I had far more time on my hands and so began looking for new ways to occupy myself. It occurred to me that I hardly ever picked up a pen and paper, even reading was often limited to news items mainly via my laptop or phone. I’ve always had a keen interest in current affairs, maybe now was the time to look again at my journalistic aspirations.

My search began with higher education, having skipped A Levels I looked at various possibilities including sociology and English literature. However, I soon realised that for most establishments I was way too far past there maximum age entry or lived too far away from the colleges that could accommodate me. I knew I wasn’t disciplined enough to take on an OU course and so my search diversified to include creative writing courses.

Again I was stopped in my tracks as courses weren’t close enough to home and the only local one I found was under subscribed to and got cancelled last minute. In a last ditch effort to find an outlet for my new found love of prose I Googled writing groups. There were several possibilities but only one near my home, it had to be worth a look.

The group meets every week for a couple of hours and has been going for over 20 years, some founder members still attend. From day one it was obvious the group held a wealth of knowledge and expertise as well as being extremely welcoming and enthusiastic about their subject matter. I haven’t missed a meeting since.

Still very much the new girl I’m enjoying discovering my written strengths and weaknesses as well as getting stuck into many of the writing exercises and weekly homework. This is where my blog comes in. I’m learning that all feedback is good feedback and so want to share my attempts – mainly short stories and poetry, with a wider audience.

All critique will be gratefully accepted.


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