New Page

I love lists, as a young child I would plan my day with ‘Things To Do’ – although that may have something to do with only child syndrome. A diary was another must have from an early age and I would write each entry so carefully so as not to make a mistake and ruin a page; you can’t tear a page out of your week!

Although Christmas is always enjoyable it’s the New Year I like the best, getting to hang a new calender, start another diary and make a list of hopes, dreams and resolutions. The the  festive season can be so hectic and we lose our routines so the start of a New Year means it’s time to turn a page and start afresh.

This Wednesday was the first meeting of 2017 for the writing group I’ve joined and I was so pleased to be back, it’s been such a welcome part of my week. The subject we’d been given to write about for that meeting was Taking Chances. I chose to write about the risks I’d taken in starting a business and the chances I’m taking on with a new venture. In hindsight I could just as easily written about how fortunate I was to have discovered the writing group and plucked up the courage to join. It’s a chance I know I won’t regret.

At the start of the meeting along with the Happy New Year’s there was a hope that one or more of us may get published in 2017. It dawned on me then that I’d missed this off my New Years list, I’ve added it now.

Next weeks topic is ‘Hello’ so I’m off to make a start as a few ideas have come to mind, hopefully I’ll be able to share my work next week.



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