This weeks theme for the writing group I attend was ‘Hello’. Nothing immediately sprung to mind for this title, a couple of story ideas but nothing that prompted me to start writing them down.

I’d had a recent conversation with another member of the writing group about my use of twitter. I have two accounts, the one I’ve attached to this blog is very recent, my other is for my business and I’ve used it almost daily for nearly 10 years. It’s no surprise therefore that I often think in 140 characters! I often find myself thinking about what I’m about to say before the words leave my mouth. This is how I came up for the idea for Hello.

My poem is based on a meeting, it could be strangers meeting for the first time or old acquaintances, a blind date or a chance encounter. I just imagined waiting for that moment and the thoughts and words that would run through my head.

I’d love to hear any feedback 🙂



Tongue tied and lost for words before the door has opened

When not a word’s been spoken, I search vocabulary and hope

My first impression won’t be wasted

Small talk often made in haste is never meaningful

Just chit chat and pleasantries

Weather talk and commentaries

You’allright? Looks like rain. Got time for tea?

Long time no see.

Running through conversations with no one but myself to make them

Wondering what you’ll say when you catch sight of me today

Will dialogue exceed parameters set by 140 characters

Or will short and sweet be the extent of this impromtu meet and greet

I evesdrop as I stand in wait

Privvy to the trivia of passers by

Inconsequential observations made by social butterfly’s

Those more inept at repartee, feign ignorance and walk away

Anticipation wipes my head of whats to come and still unsaid

It leaves the only word I know

Will lead the way to more




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