Urban Ghosts

It was the third week I’d attended the local writing group and the first time I’d written a poem, the topic given was Ghosts.

My inspiration came from living near a town centre and the contrast between day and night time activity. As soon as the shutters are up in the morning you’ll see a steady stream of elderly shoppers but as the day goes on the age range drops until younger evening revellers appear.

It occurred to me I’ll probably know nothing about most of the older generation who go about their business anonymously. The opposite can be said for the younger generation who can be located on most social media with a Google search.

Urban Ghosts

I walk amongst the great unseen, whose beds are made, their houses clean

Buttoned up, can’t stop, list in pocket, daily shop

We clip our coupons, miss the queues, heads down, sensible shoes.

Listen, you may hear our curses, Lord have mercy, give me strength,

Jangling nerves, bells on purses.

What you see is what we’ve got, content to plod on with our lot.

You look straight through us, beige and grey, colours like the dawn of day

In sunlight ghosts don’t cause a fright, scream or rattle deaths request

No, you’re the ones come out at Night


I see you from the other side as I scroll down your wall of pride

Smiles false, heads tilted, who you’ve kissed, who you’ve jilted

A never ending eulogie, let’s talk about Me

The table laid, fingers spread no ouija letters gels instead

No glass needed, talk is Cheap;

So I said an’ he goes, door slammed, bottle smashed, threw me out.

Poltergeists of our High Street

I see right through you graveyard shift, everything is on display

You’ve nothing left it’s in your face and everybody else’s place

Our skeletons are locked away, no secrets see the light of day.


You hear voices in your head, I see you talk while no ones there

And yet you move through places, faces never seeing, we leave no traces.

Non believer, self deceiver.

Shallow end of box set griever.

There’s no sin that can’t be mended, cross over, join the queue

Are you scared you’ll be unfriended?

RIP your wicked ways embrace peace, tranquillity, your halcyon days

Forget things that go bump in the night, drop that shroud,

Walk into the light








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