Whispers was a recent theme at writing group but having had a particularly busy week I hadn’t found time to write anything. Well, that is until about half an hour before leaving the house.

I didn’t really have much by way of inspiration other than one line, ‘loose lips sink shots’ which came to me when thinking about how rumours spread. Drink can definitely speed that process up as well as elaborate on the truth, sometimes to the ruination of reputations or worse.

See what you think of my half hour poetry attempt…?


Overheard, misunderstood

Softly spoken words of love

Misconstrued predictive text

Hurried lines without spellchecks

Status updates flying out

Chinese whispers casting doubt

Loose Lips sink shots

Speech bubbles in knots

Said too much, drunk too many

Sentiment is ten a penny

Swear down told me so

Happiness turns to woe

Lips are sealed, done talking

Secrets out, dead man walking.




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