Overheard, misunderstood

Softly spoken words of love

Misconstrued predictive text

Hurried lines without spellchecks

Status updates flying out

Chinese whispers casting doubt

Loose Lips sink shots

Speech bubbles in knots

Said too much, drunk too many

Sentiment is ten a penny

Swear down told me so

Happiness turns to woe

Lips are sealed, done talking

Secrets out, dead man walking.


Urban Ghosts

I walk amongst the great unseen, whose beds are made, their houses clean
Buttoned up, can’t stop, list in pocket, daily shop
We clip our coupons, miss the queues, heads down, sensible shoes.
Listen, you may hear our curses, Lord have mercy, give me strength,
Jangling nerves, bells on purses.
What you see is what we’ve got, content to plod on with our lot.
You look straight through us, beige and grey, colours like the dawn of day
In sunlight ghosts don’t cause a fright, scream or rattle deaths request
No, you’re the ones come out at Night

I see you from the other side as I scroll down your wall of pride
Smiles false, heads tilted, who you’ve kissed, who you’ve jilted
A never ending eulogie, let’s talk about Me
The table laid, fingers spread no ouija letters gels instead
No glass needed, talk is Cheap;
So I said an’ he goes, door slammed, bottle smashed, threw me out.
Poltergeists of our High Street
I see right through you graveyard shift, everything is on display
You’ve nothing left it’s in your face and everybody else’s place
Our skeletons are locked away, no secrets see the light of day.

You hear voices in your head, I see you talk while no ones there
And yet you move through places, faces never seeing, we leave no traces.
Non believer, self deceiver.
Shallow end of box set griever.
There’s no sin that can’t be mended, cross over, join the queue
Are you scared you’ll be unfriended?
RIP your wicked ways embrace peace, tranquility, your halcyon days
Forget things that go bump in the night, drop that shroud,
Walk into the light




Tongue tied and lost for words before the door has opened

When not a word’s been spoken, I search vocabulary and hope

My first impression won’t be wasted

Small talk often made in haste is never meaningful

Just chit chat and pleasantries

Weather talk and commentaries

You’allright? Looks like rain. Got time for tea?

Long time no see.

Running through conversations with no one but myself to make them

Wondering what you’ll say when you catch sight of me today

Will dialogue exceed parameters set by 140 characters

Or will short and sweet be the extent of this impromtu meet and greet

I evesdrop as I stand in wait

Privvy to the trivia of passers by

Inconsequential observations made by social butterfly’s

Those more inept at repartee, feign ignorance and walk away

Anticipation wipes my head of whats to come and still unsaid

It leaves the only word I know

Will lead the way to more



It wakes much earlier than the shops their shutters like heavy eyelids

Rise only when the clock strikes nine their muted staff all work on time

The mass produced, top end, on trend uniform for fashion sheep

They don’t go where talk is cheap

For fabrics, haberdashery, hardware, software, toys and pet stuff, clothes and makeup

See it all from phones to carpet down the market

Hear the traders bark through rows of multicoloured tarp.

Distorted offers, lost in brummie like a train station tannoy

In between, the Nannas bustling trolley conga, make the day much longer

If you don’t shout up, move through, who’s next, long wait, for God’s sake!

Louder still the traders call, animated voice crescendo,

Wholesale masters of innuendo, “Firm pair, nice plums”,

How to turn a mere exotic fruit into some faux erotica

Down the line, mind the pallets, watch your wallets,

Get your moneys worth, salt of the earth

Grab yourself a knock off scent, you’ll hardly tell the difference

Apart from the name and the smell, it’s Calvin Klein for £2.99?

Fabric sellers by the dozen, silk and satin, jersey, cotton

Multi cultural rugby scrum,

A meeting place for economising human race

Flower seller, fortune teller, things for cooks, books, more for less, fancy dress

My discount’s more than him up there gives, punctuated with expletives

Small change, no exchange, first to get it, no credit.

Then back towards the old main drag to ATM’s and 5p bags

List ticked, hand picked, no fail, retail.